Altogether Now

This is the heart of what East Side Story is about and what makes us more than your average bookstore … anywhere.  This page is dedicated to the variety of programs that we have thought up in relation with other local businesses and people to help promote local commerce and creativity; where community service meets service learning.


What is the “BOOK ME!” program? Think Pizza Hut’s “Book It” Program from the 80’s but with a twist:

  • A kid of any age buys a book from our store that is written by a Nashville-area author (which is all of them).
  • They go home and read said book.
  • They write a handwritten letter to the author of said book telling them what the reader enjoyed most about the book and what it meant to the reader to experience said book and story.
  • The reader hands in the letter at our store (which we in turn directly hand over to the author to let them keep this feedback for their work).
  • We record the reader’s name and book info on our files.  after the reader does this for 5 different books from our store, I will give them a certificate that is printed by JIVE! printing that allows them to use it ONE time at one of the four participating locations that they choose to use it at.  Kids aged 13 and under can get a FREE entree with the certificate and kids 14 and older (meaning as long as you are still alive basically) can get a FREE appetizer with the certificate.
  • Everyone wins!  Restaurants get great pr, authors get great feedback from readers, and kids of all ages support local writing and enjoy the passion of reading good stories!

The four restaurants participating, one from each direction of Nashville and are all locally owned and not a chain are the following:  Lockeland Table in the east, Burger Up in the south, The Tin Angel in the west, and Germantown Cafe in the North.

East Side Storytellin’

East Side Storytellin'East Side Storytellin’ is a bi-monthly live event that we record and edit into an hour long podcast.  Recorded live every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at The Post East in East Nashville, Chuck Beard brings together and hosts local writers and musicians in a spectacular show that allows the talent do all of the shining.  This show is FREE to attend and a great time had by all present. Find out more about upcoming shows HERE.