And So East Side Storytellin’ Begins …

Yes, it did!  The first ever East Side Storytellin’ event happened and here is how it looked, sounded, and felt.  If you weren’t there, don’t worry … there will be many more.  As we mentioned in our press release, the first 30 people that RSVP’d for our first event on November 6th at Rumours East at 7pm were allowed to come inside our world and treat themselves with some of the finest music, book reading, wine, food, and good company that Nashville has to offer.

The night kicked off with people coming inside out of the rain and political election ranting to find themselves in the cozy, comfortable setting of Rumours East.  With the microphones, speakers, wine, musicians, author, guests, and tables set, I took to the handmade podium that Bret MacFadyen made and made an idea into a reality.  I briefly introduced the show, letting the people know what it was about, before and on the air, and didn’t beat around the bush much while introducing the real talent behind the show … the people that the people came to hear.

First up, Ann Shayne of Bowling Avenue scribing.  Ann is a Nashvillian who tells it how it is and loves pretty much everything about this city.  I’ll let you listen to the many voices she incorporates while reading her most recent book to a lively audience.  I loved her book while reading it ahead of time, but I really fell for the way she made the characters come to life and jump off the page.  Her humor, wit, and talent is quite evident in the following links and video clip.  Just sit back and enjoy excepts of this book and then jump in your car and come on over to the bookstore to get a copy for yourself!  You can read more on Ann’s writing, blogging, and life in general at

**See some of the live footage from Ann Shayne’s reading here-

After Ann wow’d the crowd, I introduced the beautiful married couple of Kim and Scott Collins as The Smoking Flowers.  It was not my first time seeing and hearing their music live, nor will it be the last, but it might have been the most memorable for me excluding the show factor.  Their stories behind the songs they have made really hit home for a number of reasons in between the stories told because I know more of their road and journey than some in the audience.  That said, during the editing process of the radio show, the newest song and probably the one that brought me close to tears during the taping didn’t make the cut.  You can see and hear it in the video version below, and I’m sure they will be cutting it in their own time as well on their website at  But yeah, it was one of the best shows I’ve seen by anyone in quite some time, and I’m not just saying that because they are wonderful people and talented musicians and the real deal as far as Nashville goes.  Go ahead, listen for yourself and buy their latest album “2 guns” as soon as you can.

**See some of the live footage from The Smoking Flowers’ performance here-

After The Smoking Flowers left the stage, we moved the microphones around and made our own little interview session similar to a late night show where I sparked a creative conversation between the featured guests about their relationships with Nashville, other collaborative efforts, and what else they are working on at the moment for the future.  All of the guests were so wonderful, nice, and so very talented.  It was one of the most fun, worthwhile, easy-going things I’ve ever been a part of (besides my marriage of course).  I can’t say enough good things about these people and how excited I am for more to come from everyone.


I’d like to take a moment before letting you listen to the edited WAMB radio show mix of the evening to give a list of thank you’s.  In no order in particular, here it goes …

-Alex Smith for making the limited edition art prints of the artists and the first show.  He will have more prints, working with other artists in the process of each, for future shows that are available the night of the shows that happen (only 10 sold each show so they go quickly).

-Tom Eizonas and Dave Eastman of Silent Sound Workshop and the WAMB radio family for helping us record, edit, and spread our good words and message near and far all the while making it happen locally.

-Ann Shayne for sharing her wonderful words, wit, cooler than she gives herself credit for coolness, her smile, and her time.

-Kim and Scott Collins for sharing their lyrics, stories, hearts, musical talents, and friendship.

-Bret and Meg of Art & Invention for their innovative thinking, mentorship, set design, and help all around.

-Adam Binder and Rumours East for helping be the real host for the host and our new (ad)venture show … many more to come.  Adam is the man!

-my wife, Emily Frances Harper Beard.  Truly nothing would happen without her … seriously.  I can say a lot of amazing adjectives, but all you need to know is she is everything to my life.  I have an idea or two, but she has the vision to make it come true (and the biggest heart, most creative mind, and work ethic of anyone I know).

**To listen to the hour-long radio show as it appeared on WAMB radio, click here-

“East Side Storytellin’ 11/06/12”

Listen, watch, and enjoy all of the above, over and over again.  Feel free to share it all with one or more of your friends on and off Facebook.  Stay tuned for more magic to happen at the store and East Side Storytellin’ .  We are just getting started y’all!

The next live event for East Side Storytellin’ is Tuesday, November 20th, at 7pm SHARP (get there early … happy hour is from 5-7pm, just saying).  The featured guests will be author River Jordan and the musical act will be Jenny & Tyler.  I will be the host.  Call Rumours East today and reserve your spot! (615.262.5346)

Be the love you want to see in the world y’all and do good things every day.

much love,


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Kenny and Majel November 21, 2012 at 2:30 am

Maj and I were checking out your website and radio show! Congrats!


chuck November 21, 2012 at 4:49 am

Thanks! Love and miss y’all! Gobble gobble


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