By Leroy Whitehead.  Leroy is part of Nashville’s own Youth Speaks Southern Word.  You can read more at www.youthspeaksnashville.org.

While the sun sets, and the dark ominous sky takes over the warm orange pink glow from the atmosphere.

When kids sleep, and electricity lights the streets.

Country, Bluegrass, and all other sounds of joy fill the streets of Downtown Nashville.

*Pitter Patter* of steps as people are up and running; creating vibrations throughout the concrete.

Laughter, beer, fireflies, and no tears as tranquility takes over the Nashvillians’ hearts.

Street musician trying to get a quick buck to feel that high, women meeting up with that special guy.

Greyhounds kicking dust off of the ground, moving back and forth for travelers of all sorts.

And as the sun starts to rise, purging the darkness from the sky.

Teenagers sneaking back inside, cigarette butts now fill the streets, and the nightwalkers are now counting sheep. Streetsweepers putting garbage into heaps, and business men now fill the streets.

Nashville is back in its normal state.

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