What’s Going On

This is not where the sidewalk ends.  This is where the lines at the Woodland Street sidewalk begins! Whether we are having readings, word game nights, creative workshops, or other various special occasions, this is where you will get the up-to-date information for all of the above so you don’t miss out on the literature love.

East Side Storytellin

East Side Storytellin'

On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at The Post East in East Nashville, Chuck Beard brings together and hosts local writers and musicians in a spectacular show, East Side Storytellin’.  Launched in November of 2012, East Side Storytellin’ has consistently showcased the best of what Nashville is about to everyone taking a break from their busy lives to join in the fun.  Find out more about this show and our ongoing schedule HERE.

East Side Story…a Publishing House???

Well, not exactly. Not yet. However, a goal when we opened our doors in 2012 was to produce and publish unique, one-of-a-kind books to service to the public while continuing to showcase Nashville’s incredibly creative community.

In 2015, East Side Story fulfilled this goal by working with authors, artists, and musician to publish two lovely books. The first of the two books was The Wolf’s BaneThe Wolf’s Bane, a beautiful, hand-bound historical tale of a Nashville werewolf written by author Betsy Phillips and illustrated by print makers Lesley Patterson-Marx, Carrie Cox, Megan Kelley, Bryce Coatney, and Jessica Crouch from Platetone Printmaking, Paper and Book Arts, was released through our collaboration with Jennifer Knowles-McQuistion of Brown Dog Bindery as the first edition of our Nashville Limited Edition Club initiative.

Our second self-published book in 2015 was an anthology titled Based On: Words,Our second self-published book in 2015 was an anthology titled Based On: Words, Notes, and Art from Nashville. Based On is a special collection of short stories, songs, and visual art prints which are all inspired by one another and blended together into the fold of a single book (cd of the music included). All proceeds from the book benefit the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville.

East Side Story and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville celebrated the release of Based On with a one-night release concert extravaganza at Belmont University’s McAfee Concert Hall. The evening was hosted by Music City Roots host Craig Havighurst and included performances by a majority of the contributing artists.

The Based On project includes the following creative talents:

Authors Chuck Beard, Paige Crutcher, Tony Earley, JT Ellison, Cary Graham, River Jordan, Ariel Lawhon, Betsy Phillips, RashadthaPoet (Rashad Rayford), Victoria Schwab, Shawn Whitsell, and Tommy Womack. (intro by- Craig Havighurst /afterword by- Robert Hicks)

Musicians – Kyle Andrews, Boom Forest, Carolina Story, Michael B. Hicks, Griffin House, Phil Madeira, David Mead, The Coal Men, The Lower Caves, The Rough and Tumble, Tristen, and Brooke Waggoner.

Visual Artists – Adam Baker, Cory Basil, Carl Carbonellefharper (Emily Harper Beard), Michael McBride, Barry A. Noland, Rebecca Sloan, Julie Sola, and Ian White.


More publishing projects are in the works! In the meantime, both books are available at East Side Story in East Nashville.