Express Yourself

This is YOUR chance to get your creative writing read by and spread quickly to the masses alongside other Nashville talent.  If there is a contest, follow the directions.  If there is a prompt, read between the lines.  Other than that, have at it!


Because February is the proclaimed month of LOVE, what better way and chance to challenge you to write about LOVE and whatever you LOVE for this website and readers.

The guidelines for the LOVE prompt are the following:

  • Must be less than 1,000 words.
  • You are free to write about anything you wish to write about.  All that I ask is that you have the word LOVE in it and at some point one of the characters or narrators needs to define what LOVE means to them.
  • Please email your submission to me at  Thank YOU!

After forgetting that this was left on the site for a year or so, I ended up with several submissions, but I guess I was still feeling a poetry kind of world.  What better way to celebrate the LOVE from a Nashville newbie in musician/author Dustin Lowman. This is his piece titled Lovestory.  Click the following link below, enjoy and share.


Best Gift I Ever Got Prompt

December is always one of my favorite months of the year.  It is the ultimate marker for allowing yourself to clearly see where you have come from, what you have done, where you are going, and what are you going to do next.  I’d like for this round of submissions to be nonfiction as much as possible (if not you, this happened to someone you know).  I say nonfiction because let’s face it, with the Mayan readings about to go down -not real by the way and so what if it is- let’s be honest and real with each other.

The guidelines for the Best Gift I Ever Got Prompt were the following:

  • Must be less than 1,500 words.
  • You are free to write about any gift that you ever got BUT the gift has to be something that you didn’t ask for when you got it.  It might even been the exact thing you didn’t want at the time, not giving away any stories here, but this gift ended up becoming the ultimate, absolute perfect gift that you needed in your life in the end.
  • Please email your submission to me at no later than December 23rd.  Thank YOU!
I ended up with several submissions, but I guess I was still feeling a poetry kind of world.  What better way to celebrate the holidays, this prompt, and the New Year transition than to share with you a work and submission from one of my favorite poets, local and not, Ben Burr.  He certainly captured his Christmas spirit and memory in this batch of wonderful words.  Click the following link below, enjoy and share.
Click the following link to read Ben Burr’s poem:

Thanks + Giving Prompt

November, being a precious time of year smack dab in between people scaring the living daylights out of you and then turning around and falling face first into the finality of the year that has passed and the unknowingness of the year to come, is a perfect time for personal reflection.  This month’s writing prompt was another simple one that allowed many writers to take it wherever they wanted.

The guidelines for the Thanks + Giving Prompt were the following:

  • Must be less than 1,000 words.
  • You must include the words thanks and giving into the prompt at some point (They don’t have to be together.  In fact, I think it might be better if they aren’t).
Because I was feeling a lot of local poetry this past month, being around the great and prolific poet Ben Burr several times around town alongside some other poets (Side note, be on the lookout and stay tuned for more poetry events hosted by East Side Story after the New Year passes), I am glad to be able to give you three very different poetic submissions below (and one not so poetic submission story to grow thankful on that just made me feel good).
Click the links below to read 4 of the submissions:

Spooky Story Campfire Prompt

Due to chaotic changes by several authors, schedules, and possibly full moon crazy weather things unforeseen last minute, there will be no spooky story campfire event at East Side Story on Wednesday, October 31st as originally planned.  Instead, I plan on giving you a handful of treats below to enjoy without any tricks attached.  These are 5 short stories that were submitted for the Spooky Story Campfire Prompt as described below.  Enjoy and please feel free to spread the good word around and also submit your own prose for the Thanks + Giving Prompt above for the next go round.

The guidelines for the spooky story campfire prompt were the following:

  • Must be less than 1,500 words.
  • The setting must be within Nashville’s city limits

Click the links below to read 5 of the submissions:

‘Up and Running’ Prompt

Hi ya!  The time has finally come!  When I first began to make this East Side Story into a reality not so long ago, one of the most dynamic ideas that always put a smile on my face was the thought of creating a place for Nashville writers to put out original, creative prose that they might not normally attempt to write or put out there.  Basically, I really wanted to make an outlet for writers and haven for good story-searchin’ readers.  Similar to how I got interested authors to connect their books with the physical bookstore before opening our doors for business by emailing several friends and letting the email go from there, I did the same for the initial writing prompt below.  The stories below, not in any particular order, are a handful of the collection of what was returned from my email request.  Before you jump right into these stories, you should know that everyone is welcome to submit their own creative writing pieces in the future prompts upcoming.  Also, before you begin the first word below, here is the premise beyond this first prompt.

All of the writers below were asked to help launch our website writing endeavors by submitting an original work.  The only directions that were given was that the word limit be kept at or under 1,000, and they must include the phrase “up and running” within the prose however they choose.  That is all. ENJOY!

Click the links below to read submissions: